Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Lion Park – by Nina

Today we went and hired a car and drove to a lion park with some friends.

this is me with my friend Kyle

When we got to the park entrance we saw this huge rhino just eating the grass in the car park. It was pretty creepy, and when we went in to the office they said it was a wild rhino.

there was a rhino eating grass in the carpark

When we entered the park we saw some impala and my friend said he saw a baby impala.  We amused ourselves by trying to pick flowers out of the window.  Then we saw two female impala and four tiny little babies.

the female impala and her babies

Eventually we got to the lion enclosure.  The lion enclosure was a small area about 200m across and 400m long with a high fence all the way around it.  To get in you have to drive through two huge gates that a man has to open and close for you.

this is what the enclosure looked like

the huge gate

The lions were awesome.  There were about five male lions and 7 females.  The two closest to the road were in love and they were cuddling each other and playing.  All the males had numerous scars on their noses after clashes for territory.  In the group one of the females was distinctly white.

some of the lions in the group – you can see the white one in the bottom right photo

the two closest to the road were in love

they were cuddling and playing

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