Friday, February 15, 2013

The Desert – by Gary

Most of the land around Lüderitz is part of a very large area called the ‘Sperrgebeit’, the ‘forbidden area’ where because of its diamond mineralization entry is strictly regulated.  Tourists are warned that the boundaries are patrolled by some fairly ruthless characters and that jail terms or worse await those who disregard the regulations.  We hired a car and drove around the Lüderitz Peninsula, the one area close by that lies outside of the ‘Sperrgebeit’.

It’s ‘nothingness’ makes it difficult to photograph in the harsh midday light

We counted ourselves really lucky to spot this Black Backed Jackal quite close to us.

Some of the remarkable desert adapted plant life.

View to Halifax Island – we could see a large penguin rookery and the (presumed?) remains of an old guano mining industry.  African Fur Seals were swimming in the channel.

A really healthy saltmarsh with wading flamingos in the mid-ground.

Back in closer to town, lush pasture growing on the outfall from the sewage treatment plant attracts lots of game – here an Oryx.

Huge mobile dunes to the north of town.

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