Friday, October 10, 2014

A Step Back In Time - by Zeke

Hello everybody. The other day we briefly visited Levuka the former capital of Fiji where good old mother England controlled Fiji from. The town is full of old very beautiful colonial buildings that line the water front. For several hours we wandered around town amazed at the buildings experiencing the unreal feeling of going back in time.


Levuka was founded by traders and settlers in 1820. At the height of the towns growth when it was still the capital the population reached 800 people. Levuka holds many of Fiji's first's such as the first: bank, post office, school, private members club, hospital, town hall, and municipal government. The town was an important commercial port and business center for Fiji for over 60 years. However Levuka is no longer the capital. It was moved to Suva because of concerns that the town could not grow owing to the 600 meter cliffs hemming it in.

With the assistance of a tuckers ice cream(proudly made in Fiji) we walked around town

Left over from when the English ruled over half the world(a good part of it any way) are churches, old administration buildings, schools, shops and lots more. Many of the houses and shops along the main street have been recently restored to as near as can be guessed to what they looked like originally. It is an interesting mix of old colonial buildings and palm trees.

A department store in town

A fruit and vegetable stall

The school

The Masons Hall, arsonist burnt it in 2005

The town church

The town hall

This fly wheel,boiler and other components siting behind the diesel generating plant in town I think were part of Levukas first power scheme, the first power scheme in Fiji.

Thank you for reading this blog on Levuka which I hope you found interesting. I enjoyed my visit to Levuka had a great time eating ice cream and looking old buildings.

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