Monday, December 1, 2014

Back in Sydney!!! - by Gary

Five years ago this is where the family sailing adventure really began.  Been a lot of water pass under the keel since then; the kids have kept close count – 41 countries.  And still so much to see!

A map of our travels.

Zeke and Nina, arriving in Sydney Harbour aboard Kallisto five years ago.

Zeke and Nina arriving in Sydney Harbour aboard Mojombo yesterday!

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  1. Congratulations guy when are u due in hobart

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  3. Hi Gary and Fam... Merry Christmas to all!! Thinking of you this holiday while we sweat to death in the tropics. Carolyne wants to send her good wishes to the kids, I miss our game days together and Jim wants to know was your cell phone truly "unlocked"? Lots of love to everyone!