Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas 2014 – by Gary

Christmas got off to a bit of a slow start.  Couldn't really get with the program – too many other things happening I guess.  Sure there was the Lego tree in the mall, (with its none too subtle message – i.e. buy me, buy me), wonderful David Jones window displays, and we saw lots of parties in the park.  In an effort to stir our festive season hearts we put up the Mojombo decorations, but it still wasn't happening.  

Flying to Adelaide to visit the extended family for the break we were starting to get a little warmer, but disaster struck – we'd left Zeke and Nina's presents back in Sydney.  Chocolate would have to do as an interim.  The big day arrived in our wonderful borrowed house (thanks Kerri) and with some appropriate carols playing in the background we kicked back and made some serious inroads into the chocky – yep now we are beginning to get in to the swing of things.  Then its off to the big family dinner at sister Lisa's – finally Christmas had arrived!

Yep the lego Christmas tree in Pitt Street Mall was a doozy – weighing in at 3.5 tonnes, built from half a million blocks, taller than a 2 storey house and wider than the family car, its baubles were as big as basket balls.  Just in case the message wasn't clear they had a kiddies play tables set up next to it.

DJs put up some seriously wonderful window displays – good stuff.

Some folks were definitely slipping in to the Yuletide groove.

We went out into the Sydney snow with our trusty axe, felled the tree,
dragged it back to the boat (on ice skates of course) and got it up
before the snow even completely melted off.

In Adelaide, Nina seemed pretty pleased with her Santa pressies.

Hail and hearty – the gang's all there!
 _ _ _

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